Aspire & Healthy Heels

Located in Windsor, Ontario at the Greenwood Centre just off Central Avenue.

We specialize in complete foot care for individuals who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular/arterial disease & suppressed autoimmune systems.

We also treat calluses, corns, mild ingrown and Ram's Horn nails.

Healthy Heels is a place where we welcome you like family whether you are an individual receiving personalized foot care, or a healthcare professional learning our pioneered foot care techniques.

We understand that healthy feet are key to a part of a healthy life. Experience, compassion and ongoing education allow us to truly understand foot care needs and implement effective (and at times creative) solutions.

Did you know your foot care could be free?

Many insurance packages include coverage for the foot care we provide.

Some providers will cover the full price of treatment.

Kim M Watson
3 years ago
Arlene is the footcare expert. As a nurse she was great; while as a footcare nurse she blows it out of the water!!! Her years...
Nicolina Vincelli
2 years ago
Cant say enough good things about this place, its to the highest quality in professionalism, cleanliness and politeness, always on time, Arlene is a gem...
Dino Sartor
10 months ago
Arlene always take very good care of me!