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Foot Care Nurse Course (Part 2-Clinical)

Course Description

Healthy Heels & More Inc. is an education partner for Foot Care Kingston’s Foot Care Nurse (FCN) course.

The Foot Care Nurse (FCN) course is designed for nurses (RN’s, NP’s, RPN’s & LPN’s) new to foot care and for experienced Foot Care Nurses who wish to update their knowledge and skills. The course follows a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum. This curriculum is based on current Best Practice Guidelines and evidence-based practice, including competencies from the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017), which are integrated as exit competencies to the course.

This course has an online theoretical component (FCN Part 1) and an in-person clinical mentorship component (FCN Part 2) and is designed to prepare participants to function as a Foot Care Nurse within a health care team.

FCN Part 2 (Clinical) is the mentorship and clinical component of the FCN course where students practice their Foot Care Nurse skills. The curriculum for Part 2 was developed by Foot Care Kingston and is administered by Foot Care Kingston and its education partners in select locations across Canada.  Each location uses the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines and this FCN Part 2 Course Outline.

Students can apply for FCN Part 2 at any time after having started FCN Part 1. Part 1 of the FCN course is offered online by Foot Care Kingston and is a prerequisite to start Part 2. Please read the FCN Part 1 Course Outline and Appendix A and visit the FCN 1 (Theory) page of the Foot Care Kingston website for more information on this part of the course and to register.

FCN Part 2 (Clinical) Dates

Healthy Heels and More Inc. offers the in-person clinical mentorship component (FCN Part 2) of this course in Windsor, on the following dates:

  • February 1-2, 8-9 & 16, 2019
  • May 3-4, 9-10 & 11, 2019
  • October 17-19, 25-26, 2019


Our tuition rate for FCN Part 2 is: $2,147.00 ($1,900.00 + $247.00 HST).


Please read the FCN Part 2 Course Outline and visit the FCN 2 (Clinical) page of the Foot Care Kingston website for more information about FCN Part 2.

For further details about FCN Part 2 at Healthy Heels & More Inc., including our education team profile and additional location-specific details, please review our Policies and Procedures Manual.

We strongly encourage all interested students to apply for FCN Part 2 during their first month of participating in FCN Part 1. The Part 2 component of the Foot Care Nurse course runs on a 'first come, first served basis' and requires a minimum number of students per class. For more information about FCN Part 2 with Healthy Heels & More Inc., please contact our Lead Educator Arlene Van Doorn by phone (226) 674-4335 or email [email protected].