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Bio – Grace Bakker

This will be my first time presenting at Arlene's conference. I am looking forward to bringing awareness to my profession as a Pedorthist and my role in Foot Care. - Grace Bakker

Canadian Certified Pedorthist | B.A. Hons. Kin, C. Ped (C)

Grace Bakker graduated with honours from Western University with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Grace is a competitive distance runner who has participated in road races of varying distances, from 5k to Marathon, over the course of 20 years. It was during her first year at Western that she was diagnosed with a form of Metatarsalgia which caused sharp forefoot pain with every step, halting her ability to run.

That is when she was introduced to the field of Pedorthics. Custom Made Orthotics were prescribed, which cured her foot pain and allowed her to run pain-free once again.

She went on to pursue Pedorthics, graduating from the Western University Diploma in Pedorthics Program in 2004 and became a Canadian Certified Pedorthist in 2008.

After working for a Pedorthic franchise for 10+ years she decided to open her own Pedorthic Clinic, Personal Best Orthotics & Footwear.

Grace opened Personal Best Orthotics & Footwear in her hometown of LaSalle (Ontario) with additional locations in Windsor and Lakeshore.

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